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Zorro Rides Again (Republic Serial, 1937) (Episodes 01 through 06 of "Western von Gestern")

The first six 25-minute episodes of "Western von Gestern" (Westerns of Yesteryear) presented an abridged version (150 minutes) of the 1937 12-part Republic Serial "Zorro Rides Again" (Zorro reitet wieder).

These episodes were broadcast May 5 to June 16, 1978.

Info from Wikipedia:


In contemporary (for the 1937 production) California, villain J. A. Marsden aims to take over the California-Yucatan Railroad with the aid of his henchman El Lobo. The rightful owners, Joyce and Phillip Andrews, naturally object. Their parter, Don Manuel Vega summons his nephew, James Vega, to help them as he is the great grandson of the original Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega. He is disappointed, however, to find that his nephew is a useless fop (presumably Don Manuel had not paid too much attention to his family history).

Nevertheless, James Vega installs himself in the original Zorro's hideout and adopts the Zorro identity to defeat Marsden and El Lobo. This Zorro uses twin pistols and (like the original Zorro) a whip as his main weapons of choice, rather than a more traditional sword.




Zorro Rides Again was budgeted at $98,110 although the final negative cost was $110,753 (a $12,643, or 12.9%, overspend). It was filmed between 8 September and 5 October 1937. The serial's production number was 423. Zorro Rides Again was influenced by the Singing Cowboy trend of the time. Carroll's "best moments" in costume were singing (Lyrics include "Zorro rides again into the night...")
It was shot in Bronson Canyon, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Angeles National Forest, and Chatsworth, Los Angeles.


In the opinion of Cline, one of the most memorable stunt scenes in the history of film serials is shown in Zorro Rides Again. Stuntman Yakima Canutt plays Zorro as he gallops up to the cab of a moving truck and swings from the saddle to its running board. Even a small mistake during this sequence would have been lethal for Canutt.

User review from IMDB:
Author: raygun-3 from Margate, Florida
I first saw this serial on TV in the 1950s in New York. It was my first exposure to the "anachronistic westerns" that republic pictures produced at that time. Six Guns, railroads, airplanes horses,gunfights,a machine gun and automobiles; what a combination in a western serial. One would probably have thought seeing this and other republic features made along these lines that people walked around with six guns like the old west in modern times living in California. This formula however in my opinion worked very well. Republic's music scores of that time were wonderful with basically the same themes used in this and other films of 1937. The casting was fine for this serial. John Caroll made a wonder modern Zorro. In a change of pace, Richard Alexander, the unselfish prince Barin of Flash Gordon,1936, makes a marvelous villain as the character, El Lobo (Brad Dace). Kudos to the rest of the cast especially Duncan Renaldo.... The closest of films that we see today that even approach the mood and mystique of this serial would probably be the Star Wars epics. This is one of my favorite serials....

DOWNLOAD the original undubbed full-length episodes
(Divx, as multi-part rar-files):

Episode 01 
(Death from the Sky) (29:42)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (95 MB)
PART 3 (95 MB)
PART 4 (65 MB)

Episode 02
(The Fatal Minute) (18:01)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (95 MB)
PART 3 (16 MB)

Episode 03 
(Juggernaut) (15:55)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (92 MB)

Episode 04
(Unmasked) (16:18)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (95 MB)
PART 3 (891 KB)

Episode 05
(Sky Pirates) (16:51)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (86 MB)

Episode 06
(The Fatal Shot) (16:30)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (95 MB)
PART 3 (4.41 MB)

Episode 07
(Burning Embers) (15:29) 
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (71 MB) 

Episode 08
(Plunge of Peril) (17:10)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (81 MB)

Episode 09
(Tunnel of Terror) (17:06)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (81 MB)

Episode 10
(Trapped) (17:24)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (63 MB)

Episode 11
(Right of Way) (15:46)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (63 MB)

Episode 12
(Retribution) (15:55)
PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (85 MB)

You'll need a program like WinZip, WinRar or similar to extract/combine parts.

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