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Possibly Episode 114: "Man from Music Mountain" (1938)

Episode 114 of "Western von Gestern" (Westerns of Yesteryear), broadcast by ZDF, Germany, on March 4, 1983 as "Das Gold der Betsy-Lee Mine" ("The Gold of the Betsy Lee Mine"), was probably a severely abridged (less than 25 minutes) condensation of Joseph Kane's 1938 "Man from Music Mountain", starring Gene Autry, and NOT "The Man from Music Mountain", starring Roy Rogers, from 1943.

Given the above German title (and its reference to "gold"), it is highly likely that the reference to "The Man from Music Mountain" at (and elsewhere) is INCORRECT, whereas Episode 116 ("Der Weidekrieg" - "Range War") from March 18, 1983 could be a condensation of 1943's "The Man from Music Mountain".
"Plenty of riding, roping, and shooting in this Gene Autry oater, 10 February 2006
Author: krorie from Van Buren, Arkansas
Gene sings a song called "Man from Music Mountain" near the beginning of the movie when Frog tells him that he needs to pep things up. The song is about as close as the story gets to the title of this action-filled shoot-'em-up. It seems that an eastern pair of shysters is getting rich selling shares in a worthless gold mine located near a ghost town. The crooks are also selling realty in the deserted mining town telling the buyers that the government is going to reopen the area by pumping water and electricity their way as a result of Boulder Dam. The only problem is the government is by-passing the area so the land is virtually worthless. In rides Gene and his cowhands to try to thwart the efforts of the bad guys. Gene even grub stacks the new arrivals until he figures out a way to get their money back and run the swindlers out of the country.

The film opens with a homage to President Roosevelt's New Deal, showing the magnificent "Eighth Wonder of the World," Boulder Dam. Hollywood continually championed the New Deal during the 1930's, helping Roosevelt in his attempt to strangle Ol' Man Depression. It's doubtful if any other American President has been so favored by the mass media as Roosevelt throughout his twelve years in the White House.

There's more than the usual amount of music in this Gene Autry outing. Most of it written by Gene, Frog (Smiley Burnette), and an up and comer Fred Rose, who would later discover Hank Williams, Sr, and help found the huge conglomerate, the Roy Acuff, Fred Rose Publishing Company in Nashville. Rose and Smiley were two of the best song writers around so expect some fine tunes. Smiley was a consummate musician, much better in that category than in the humor department, although in "Music Mountain" he does have some funny parts. One standout routine is "She Works Third Tub At The Laundry" with really raunchy lyrics for 1938 with a few sexual innuendos thrown in for good measure...."

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